What is BEST?

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a non-profit and non-political organization whose number of members constantly increases over the years...

BEST Skopje

The beginnings of BEST Skopje are connected with the idea that first appeared in late 2001 and early 2002. This productive idea soon led to the forming a Local BEST Group on March 9, 2002...

BEST through numbers

  • 7 Local Engineering Competitions
  • 14 academic courses
  • 14 академски курсеви
  • 14 years experience...

What is EBEC?

EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition is a competition designed to encourage creative thinking to solve complex problems.


Team Design

The goal of the team design category is the students, who are deployed in teams, to find solutions and demonstrate the results in a limited period of time. As a final result, each team presents its device or structure which performs the necessary functions. Teams need to calculate and construct a device or model that meets the specific requirements for a limited period of time. Materials, tools and the necessary instructions are provided on the day of the match by the organizers in charge. The results are evaluated according to predefined rules by a jury.

Case Study

Case study is an intensive analysis that provides a specific solution to a technological or managerial problem. Each team must consider the problem in detail and to offer suggestions that would contribute to his dismissal. This category tests the students' ability to think analytically and their ability to develop a hypothetical solution using the information provided. At the end of the game, each team has its own presentation to the jury.

15 February – Local event on education

  • 10:00 - official opening
  • 10:30 - cocktail party
  • 11:00 - Debate: Traditional versus sofisticated methods of lecturing - the road to successful carreer?

16 February – CASE STUDY in ITLabs

  • Begining: 09:00

17 February – TEAM DESIGN in ITLabs

  • Begining: 09:00

17 February – CASE STUDY in DoXTeam

  • Begining: 10:00

18 February - Official closing day
Place: Amphiteater of Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

  • 18:00-20:00 - official closing day and winners announcement


Case Study

Team Competitors
"Kje smislime, ima vreme" Irina Chabukovska, Bojan Jankov, Darijan Nestorovski, Stefan Mladenovski
Mixed Voltage Club Andrej Stankovski, Stefan Agovski, Mirjana Sadikovikj, Stefani Radevska
Elektro Patronum Angela Mitkovska, Kaja Lazova, Jordan Lazov, Sandra Mateska
The Rolling Mechanics Elena Mihajlova, Marija Mihajlova, Verica Minkova, Aleksandar Argiev

Team Design

Team Competitors
Impromptu Elena Dimitriova, Kire Kolaroski, Ljupcho Milosheski, Nikola Milosheski
The Hub Timotej Sofronievski, Stefan Manev, Aleksandar Baltovski, Martin Mechev
Uspesni propalici Ivan Dimovski, Dejan Dejanovski, Stefan Boskovski, Svetislav Gjorgjievski
Mehatroni Ivan Pejcinoski, Leonard Abazovski, Dejan Pejcinoski, Gjorgji Dosev

Local event on education

Topic:: "Traditional versus modern methods of teaching - The road to a successful career"

L ocal event on education

What is the use of modern methods of teaching in higher education, as opposed to traditional, and how do they prepare the students for the work that comes after that? Are the students getting enough of practical knowledge during their studies, and how does that affect in getting students ready for employment? These are part of the topics that will be covered in this year’s Local Event on Education, and our goal is to get the opinion of the three stakeholders: universities, students and companies. This event will be held on 15th of February at the Congress hall of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Technologies at 12:00 am.


Meet the BEST board and EBEC 2017 core team

16-th board of BEST Skopje

President: Александра Петрова
Vice president: Ивона Стојановска
Secretary: Сара Кипријанова
Human resources: Теодора Христовска
Company relations: Стефан Серафимоски
Marketing: Богдан Мелов
IT: Виктор Силјановски

Мартина Папалиска
Main organiser

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

mail: martina.papaliska@gmail.com

Евгенија Цветановска
Main organiser

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

mail: cvetanovska.evgenija@gmail.com

Драган Савевски
IT responsible

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

mail: dragansavevski@gmail.com

Петра Прелоговски
Marketing responsible

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
mail: petra.prelogovski@gmail.com

Теодора Трајкова
Logistics responsible

Student of Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

mail: teodora.trajkova996@gmail.com

Михаела Миова
Topic responsible

Student of Faculty of Natural Mathematics.

mail: mihaela.miova@gmail.com

Софија Иванова
Public Relations & Social Media

Student of Faculty of Philology

mail: ivanova.sofija822@gmail.com

Ненад Трајковиќ
Local event on education

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

mail: trajkovik.nenad@gmail.com

Андреа Темелковска
Fundraising responsible

Student of Faculty of Philology.
mail: temelkovska.andrea@gmail.com


Board of European students of Technology – Skopje, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Rugjer Boskovikj, Karposh 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Евгенија Цветановска

+389 71 851 918

Мартина Папалиска

+389 71 632 001