What is BEST?

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a non-profit and non-political organization whose number of members constantly increases over the years...

BEST Skopje

The beginnings of BEST Skopje are connected with the idea that first appeared in late 2001 and early 2002. This productive idea soon led to the forming a Local BEST Group on March 9, 2002...

BEST through numbers

  • 9 Local Engineering Competitions
  • 15 academic courses
  • 13 Job Fairs
  • 16 years experience...

What is EBEC Challenge?

EBEC Challenge - European BEST Engineering Competition is a competition designed to encourage creative thinking to solve complex problems.


Team Design

The goal of the team design category is the students, who are deployed in teams, to find solutions and demonstrate the results in a limited period of time. As a final result, each team presents its device or structure which performs the necessary functions. Teams need to calculate and construct a device or model that meets the specific requirements for a limited period of time. Materials, tools and the necessary instructions are provided on the day of the match by the organizers in charge. The results are evaluated according to predefined rules by a jury.

Case Study

Case study is an intensive analysis that provides a specific solution to a technological or managerial problem. Each team must consider the problem in detail and to offer suggestions that would contribute to his dismissal. This category tests the students' ability to think analytically and their ability to develop a hypothetical solution using the information provided. At the end of the game, each team has its own presentation to the jury.

19 February – Official opening and LEoE
Place held: FINKI Amfitheater

  • 11:00 - Official opening
  • 11:45 - Coctails
  • 12:30 - Forum discussion on: “Project Based Learning - Europe versus Macedonia”

20 February – CASE STUDY

  • Beginning at: 10:00

21 February – TEAM DESIGN

  • Beginning at: 10:00

List of participants


Case Study

Team Competitors
"Dangerous Minds" Tijana Ilievska, Kristina Nikolova, Andrea Mileska, Angela Vasileska
"Engineering Avengers" Stefani Geleva, Tamara Kotevska, Ivana Koneska, Vlado Georgievski
"Jetson" Nikola Velkovski, Filip Trajkovski, Ana Mangarovska, Antonio Avramovikj
"Limitless" Marta Karlicikj, Filip Zdraveski, Stefan Kotevski, Antonija Velkoska
"NeedCoffee" Marija Sazdovska, Damjan Pecioski, Simona Trajkovska, Sara Papazova
"PEGASUS" Vojdan Andonov, Stefani Josifovska, Stefan Kostov, Dejan Dimitriev

Team Design

Team Competitors
"Circuit Breakers" Hristina Petreska, Angela Gjorgjeska, Kristina Savevska, Simona Petravikj
"Fantastic Four" Filip Kostadinov, Ivan Kostovski, Aleksandar Boshkov, David Ordevski
"LimitBreakers" Ivan Pejchinoski, Jovica Perevski, Dejan Pejchinoski, Filip Makraduli
"Pukanki" Sandra Ampova, Ana Ampova, Kostadin Getov, Tea Veljkovikj
"The Brainiacs" Dragana Stojanovska, Viktorija Jordanova, Tamara Mitevska, Andrej Kedioski
"The Meeseeks" Jasna Stanisavljevikj, Aleksandar Conevski, Kalina Trajanoska, Elena Stefanovska

Local event on education

Topic: "Project Based Learning - Europe versus Macedonia”

L ocal event on education

What is project based learning like, as a method with which students research complex questions by using different sources of studying, in our country versus Europe? Are there opportunities for development for such an expanded research process, structured around complex questions, allowing students to earn different knowledge and skills? These are part of the topics that will be covered in this year’s Local Event on Education, and our goal is to get the opinion of the three stakeholders: universities, students and companies. This event will be held on 19th of February 12:00h.


Meet the BEST board and EBEC Challenge 2018 core team

Jordan Lazov
Main organiser

Student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.
mail: jordanlazov970@gmail.com

Jana Vladimirova
Main organiser

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.
mail: janavladimirova9@gmail.com

Edi Frcovski
Fundraising responsible

Student of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
mail: edifrcovski@gmail.com

Tale Fakic
IT responsible

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.
mail: talefakic@gmail.com

Irina Chabukovska
Marketing responsible

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
mail: irina.chabukovska@gmail.com

Tatjana Petkovska
Logistics responsible

Student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.
mail: tatjanapetkovska98@gmail.com

Zhivko Serafimoski
Topic responsible

Student of Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy.
mail: serafimoskizivko@gmail.com

Mila Kuch
Public Relations & Social Media

Student of Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.
mail: milakuch@gmail.com

Blagojche Mojanoski
Local event on education

Student of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
mail: blagojche.mojanoski@gmail.com

XVII board of BEST Skopje

President: Marija Horvat
Vice president: Marin Malusovski
Secretary: Marija Panova
Human resources: Petra Prelogovski
Company relations: Andrea Temelkovska
Marketing: Natalija Krkaceva
IT: Emil Nikolovski


Board of European students of Technology – Skopje, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Rugjer Boskovikj, Karposh 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Jana Vladimirova

+389 75 512 348

Jordan Lazov

+389 75 335 851